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  1. Koii

    Maple's ban appeal

    (Original Report - "drake-false-ban") And I quote: "Alright. You were on the server harassing a poor kid who was almost crying just trying to play a game and i spectate you more than once and caught you getting people to place hits on this guy specifically you wouldn't leave him alone at his base. You were harassing him and i verbally warned you not to. And you didn't stop. The when i warned you with !warn i also told you if you dont leave him alone next time youre getting a 1 day ban. And yet you didnt stop. So i tped you guys into a sit again and you even left the sit. you ran away in the middle of the sit. So i used my discretion and banned you which i am allowed to do. They are called staff guidelines. Meaning they are to guide staff members. They arent set in stone and im allowed to make decisions especially when i told you this would happen so dont act all surprised and stop acting like some know it all minge because you used to be staff because guess what, you dont, and its one of the thousand reasons why you were denoted so dont tell me what i did was wrong." ~Drake Remorea This explains the situation, I understand you were not kicked as to protocol, but in all honesty, I most likely would have banned you as well. (Even Micah agrees) Source - I'll let the Head-Admins+ deal with this. You are indeed un-banned now so it shouldn't matter much.
  2. Koii


    And I quote... (Source) "YEET"
  3. I would recommend making each cup worth 10k instead of the usual 22.5k, then instead of being 180k from 8 cups it would be 80k.
  4. Please use the Ban Appeal Template.
  5. Wrong section and wrong format.
  6. Either Lean and or Pizza. Lean gives you 180k every 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Pizza gives you a random number from either 2.5m in 10 minutes to 250k, it really depends how fast you do it and how lucky you get with pizza spawns. The answer here is: Lean gives you lower money, but is more reliable. Pizza gives you a potential to get a lot of money, but it takes a lot of effort and skill.
  7. All claims on my part stating Ram failed to do a sit are now invalidated.
  8. Koii

    Dear Anime Ghost,

    RIP generalcb's dignity, @Drake Remorea.
  9. Koii


    And I quote... (Source) "YEET"
  10. "Wtf are you all russians or something? Innocent till proven guilty. I dont need evidence that i didnt do it. Proof that i did it is needed." First of all that's a stereotype. And yes, you are Innocent until proven guilty, BUT, you were banned, which changes the entire situation. You must have evidence that you were falsely banned in order to be un-banned as we have no evidence you are or aren't guilty, only that you were convicted of breaking the rules. "I had evidence at the time if a sit would have been held as it was supposed to i could have provided that. However since i git a new computer and i did t transfer over the files and i no longer have access to the video that proves i was killing people that were in my base." The facts are that, Ram did not make a sit, which I agree, is completely their fault, and they will be dealt with accordingly, this does not mean that you should be un-banned because you claim to have evidence, you must provide evidence you were falsely banned, not claim you had it. "If some guy put an admin report in chat "relics mrdmd im a witness" would ram have went and boom banned me? No but be was caught in my base and i killed him and he was butthurt and banned me because he thought since i killed 3+ people she could get away with it." No, Ram would have done a sit, the thing that changes this is that Ram witnessed the situation first hand, thus giving them permission to deal with the MassRDM without another user calling a sit, and yes, Ram should have done a sit him/herself using !jailtp, this doesn't change the fact that you did or did not MassRDM. "Thats why you do sits. I didnt LTAP you had no right to ban me without a sit. I want ban removed an ram to be punished "kinky style"" Yes, that IS why you do sits. This doesn't change the fact you are convicted of MRDM. "Them damn iracians..." I don't even know what this means but I feel strangely offended 😱
  11. If a Staff witnesses you break a rule they have full permission to punish you accordingly, although it is generally required to bring the convicted player to a rooftop or secluded area for further conversation (A "Sit") (which according to You and Ram did not take place (This should always take place to avoid confusion and false bans)). According to Ram you did indeed MRDM, if you cannot provide proper evidence (Video/Screenshot) you didn't, then the ban should stay. (And yes it is Ram's fault that a sit did not take place)
  12. Koii

    ban appeal

    Please use the "Template For Appealing a Ban".
  13. Koii

    ban appeal

    Please use the "Template For Appealing a Ban".

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