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  1. I would like to state that what I said in the discord chat was incorrect and that it states nowhere in the Rules or Guild lines that the corrupt Can't make normal laws (with the exception of laws like Phisgun is Illegal, as stated in the MOTD). Maple, you need to send me some more info. I need to know if you were banned, how long, and who the other person is. This is misunderstanding on my part as I told Jpart that the corrupt can't make normal laws, that was my bad and You'll need to make a report on me for Blue to decide my punishment. But, for now Jpart won't be Warned as it was my faulty information that lead him to make that decision. Resolved @MaplePM me to sort everything out ~TexasVII~
  2. Denied Reapply in Two Weeks PM TexasVII for more info TexasVII#8121
  3. Denied Reapply in Two Weeks PM TexasVII for more info TexasVII#8121
  4. Denied Reapply in Two Weeks PM TexasVII for more info TexasVII#8121
  5. Denied Reapply in Two Weeks PM TexasVII for more info TexasVII#8121
  6. Denied You are Blacklisted from Staff, Even here PM TexasVII for more info TexasVII#8121
  7. Denied Reapply in Two Weeks PM TexasVII for more info TexasVII#8121
  8. Ok my side. When I had tp'ed to frisky it was to watch over him as that is one of my duties as Head Admin. I then watched and listened as usual and I noticed that the sit was getting too loose and relaxed. I took over the sit to restate the problem(MRDM). When I started to reexplain the issue R E M killed me, so like every other professional staff member I used my largest jail bind(600 seconds) to control the sit and carry on as I didn't have full conformation that he did MRDM. He then proceeded to shoot me with a rail gun, I then god myself to, again, control the sit. I did control the sit finally, and asked him why he killed Vicid. He didn't respond to I asked again, and again. He ignored me and started spamming "What about texas vii" "texas vii mass rdmed". These quotes might not be completely word for word. BlueDazing then comes over and clarifies that the people I wrongfully killed never made a sit and that they didn't care. Blue Cleared that up, but R E M decided to continue spamming over and over. I tp'ed Vicid once more to see if he was not afk, but he still was. So sense R E M refused to put the attention on me after Blue already cleared that up made me think that he did MRDM, and was just dodging it. With my patience I keep asking why he killed Vicid and he ignored me over and over. I took the action of banning him for 1 week 2 days for MRDMing Vicid and RDMing me twice in a sit. This was common sense and my judgement, it might have not been completely correct in the sense, but at the time it was the best option. TexasVII ~~~~~~
  9. It is clear that Drake MRDM'd. Also Exploited the Event system just to get guns and kill people as seen in the video provided by Tip Dip. It would also seem that you were loop-holing in a sit by lying about the origin of the kills and how it all went down. This classifies as such because there is no way for us staff to check location w/out video proof. Resolved Drake Will Be Punished as well Blacklisted from Staff for unprofessionalism. TexasVII
  10. Denied Reapply in Two Weeks PM TexasVII for more info TexasVII#8121
  11. TexasVII

    Tip Dip Report

    This Report is Resolved Ignore this Thread TexasVII
  12. Drake I'm going to need more solid proof if you want action to be had. I will give to until 5pm Friday to supply better proof to support your claim.
  13. TexasVII


    I can see that Chris did abuse his powers in a sit and he apologized for that. Although, that doesn't exempt him from punishment as that will come later. Drake I apologize for any mix ups my staff have put apon you. Nevertheless, this reponce was short, but required. Resolved Punishment Will Follow TexasVII & Tip Dip
  14. Denied Blacklisted From Staff by: TexasVII PM TexasVII for more info TexasVII#8121

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