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  1. DENIED Too many warns in my opinion, and mistakes other staff have pointed out. Re-Apply in 2 weeks
  2. DENIED Mutiple wrong answers, I don’t feel like a lot of effort was put into this application. Please get familiar with the staff guidelines. Re-Apply in 2 weeks
  3. DENIED Follow the format please, and dont post the same thing twice
  4. DENIED you raided/mass banned on a discord server.
  5. DENIED follow the format Re-apply in 2 weeks
  6. DENIED too many mistakes with this application as jpart pointed out. Re-apply in two weeks.
  7. DENIED Like Perfect said, you are too young for a staff position.
  8. waiting for @Soap's reply
  9. DENIED 1: you pinged VIP and attempted to hide it. 2: you had your custom channel so that everyone could ping everyone 3: you lied about pinging roles 4: you pinged owner multiple times 5: you should know that you should not ping roles 6: too many people left during your pinging incidents. Sorry, but I cant have someone like you just walk back into the server.
  10. I mean, he is probably right.
  11. waiting for @EddietheEggie 's response

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