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  1. I wouldn’t just ban you for nothing. I think you are lying.
  2. If you were AFK, then why did I ban you for mass RDM. i don't ban without provocation.
  3. appeal will be ignored, dont just post your ban screen
  4. DENIED Sorry, but the minimum age to apply is 14
  5. ACCEPTED Im going to reduce your ban, but because of what you did (the RDA and racism), if you get banned again don't bother making an appeal. User ban reduced
  6. DENIED You may not leave when jailed. User will not be unbanned
  7. Waiting for @Stevin to reply
  8. Don't bother trying to come back
  9. DENIED Don't bother re-applying if you cant follow the format.
  10. Waiting for @ExpressVan to reply
  11. and post things in the right section

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