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Edited: 2 weeks ago / May 15, 2020



It is a bannable offence to not follow the Terms of Service. Please read them carefully before purchasing any packages on the Store

By donating to DankRP Community you understand that all donations are un-disputable & non-refundable, all products sold by DankRP Community are considered intangible goods. You further understand that any product sold to you is considered a 'privilege' and DankRP Community reserves the right to terminate, suspend or otherwise delete your account(s) related to DankRP without given notice.
DankRP Community also reserve the right to terminate, suspend or otherwise delete any package from your account; in regards to violating the Terms of Use for that package (ref. Server Rules)
- Exchanges
Products sold to you can NOT be exchanged for other items of the same value, the only time this is acceptable is if DankRP Community accepts full responsibility for the error you're referring to, even then, DankRP Community reserves the right decline your request.


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