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Welcome to DankRP! Enjoy your stay!

Please read ALL OF THESE RULES and FOLLOW THEM. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment.

Punishments are highliged in red

Table of Contents:

1. General Rules
1a. Common Terms
2. Basing Rules
2a. Megabase rules
3. Police Rules
3a. Corrupt Rules
3b. Jailhouse Rules
4. Job Rules
5. Advert Rules
6. Staff Sit Rules
7. Miscellaneous/Unspecified Rules 

Section 1, General Rules

Do not sell any ingame item for real life money (Includes Money and Guns). The punishment is a Permanent Ban (Does not include Permission to buy CC Slot)
Do not RDM or RDA, these are both punished by a warning and a jail (optional) for 300 seconds.
Do not harass any player/staff for any reason. Doing so in terms of attempted RDM, micspam in sits, or being a general nuisance will be a verbal warning, then a kick, then a ban for one day for no intent to roleplay.
Racism, derogatory words, and slurs will not be tolerated. Using anything like that will be a mute/gag for 5 minutes plus a warning, then a kick, then a ban for one day. The “soft a” is ok in moderation for the n word, just not hard r. This also includes substitution of a letter or two in a racist/derogatory word.
Do not prop block. This includes bases, other user’s bases, tunnels, NPCs, mining areas, and spawn. Propblock is discussed further in Section 2. Propblock will result in deletion of props, then a warn+kick, then a one day ban. Propblocking spawn is an immediate permanent ban.
DDoS/DOS and Doxxing threats (and, of course, actually doing it) will be punishable by a permanent ban from any of our related servers.
Micspamming will result in a mute for five minutes. Any further offenses will be a mute for 10 minutes with a warning, then a warn with a kick. NOTICE: Hobos are exempt from this rule! Play all the dumb music you want as long as it isn’t racist or contains derogatory language towards a group/race.
Failure to follow rules will result in punishments according to the guidelines section in Discord.
Killing someone with any sort of prop or entity will be met with a one day ban for each kill.
Breaking server rules in return for in-game money is not tolerated and will result in punishment for the rule(s) broken and money gained from the act will be wiped.
Prop spam is not allowed, you will be kicked from the server. If it continues you will be banned for 1 day.
When participating in an admin sit, the staff member has the final say on the punishment, a warning is mandatory in all sits when a rule is broken.
If the person who called the sit leaves in any way, the sit will be called over.
Do not enter sits to annoy the users/staff. You will be physgunned down to the ground with a verbal warning, and if you continue, a kick from the server. Continuing after will be a ban for 1 day.
LTAP (Leaving to avoid punishment) is when a person disconnects to avoid a sit and any punishment they might receive and it will be punished by a 3 day ban in addition to any other bans, If a player keeps running off the roof they are to be jailed.
Advertising ‘crossfire’ is admitting to RDM.
Scamming is not allowed. The punishment will be a permanent ban.
No alt accounts to store money. The punishment will be a permanent ban.
Mining or spinning a slot machine with a macro or auto clicker can be met with being physgunned away from the rock you are mining or machine you are spinning and a warning if caught doing so. Next offense will be a kick from the server, then a 1 day ban.
Using external script injectors to gain an advantage over other players is strictly forbidden. The punishment will be a permanent ban.

Section 1a, Common Terms
Metagaming - Acquiring information related to the roleplay within the server, by using OOC (Out of Character) or a Third Party Communication software. Such as, Discord.

E.g - Someone telling you a hitman has a hit on you through discord or other platforms, placing hits on party members so that you may kill the hitman.

Minging - Purposely being an annoyance and/or causing distress to players through physical acts, as well as using audio/video methods.

FDA (Fading Door Abuse) - Using the Fading Door tool improperly to gain an advantage over the other player.

FailRP - FailRP is an umbrella term for lots of rule breaking, mainly those that go against job rules or basic rules. FailRP at its simplest is a warning, however depending on the severity, it could become a jail, a kick, or even a ban.

Exploiting - Exploiting any glitch for personal gain will be met with a two (2) week ban. If you find a glitch and report it to the Owner immediately, that is fine as long as you DO NOT use it again.

NLR - New Life Rule. This only applies to raids/revolts. If you are raiding and are killed/arrested, be you the raider or victim, you may not return until all raiders call “over” after being killed, arrested, or successfully raiding.

Failure to Advert/Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown - Advert cooldown varies per scenario, i.e. Raiding cooldown is 10 minutes, but kidnap cooldown is 5 minutes. If you fail to wait for advert cooldown (FWCD), you will be punished with a 300-second jail + 60 seconds for each person you have killed.


Scamming - Scamming is quite simple, doing a transaction such as money and/or in-game items and not giving the other person/not receiving what you promised is scamming, you will be punished with a permanent ban.


Section 1b, In-game Clans

A “clan” is an umbrella term for something like a company, corporation, or the root word of clan. You may have these things, however the rules are as follows:
No staff may be recruited for your clan to avoid bias
No more than 10 people allowed in your clan
No alt accounts to store money
You may not make your clan members above the law if you are the Mayor/Corrupt.

Section 2, Basing Rules
A base is defined as a building where a user can spawn entities and secure themselves in order to make money, play with friends, and stay safe from the outside world.
KOS signs are not allowed. If a user is on your property (past your first door), you may KOS them without any advert or warning.
You may have a KOS sign if you are running a shop, however you may only KOS for people having guns/weapons out. Micspam and general annoyance should still be dealt with via the Warn advert.
In order for a user to own a base, they must own ALL DOORS IN THE BASE.
If a user wishes to base with another user, they must also be added to all doors. Defending in a raid without being added to all doors and not adverting counter will be a jail for RDM for 300 seconds, and if 3 or more users are killed, then a ban for 1 week for Mass RDM.
You may have at maximum three fading doors to the entrance of your base. These fading doors must also be a minimum of six seconds fade time. 
Skybases are allowed, as long as you have a visible way of getting up to the base that does not fade or drop off. This also includes the spaces above the tunnels.
You may place a sign that says “building” to ensure your base does not get raided during building. If you have a building sign up, you may not have entities inside the base. This will result in a deletion of your sign or your entities if you do not comply.
Blackout bases are defined as a base that uses one solid color in order to disorient and not allow a user to find where they are. These bases are NOT ALLOWED and will result in deletion of your base or a kick.
KILLBOXES are NOT allowed, this is the act of leaving your door open, and/or inviting people inside your base just to kill them. Punishment follows as Loopholing & RDM.
One way props are allowed.
You may only have one base. This means one single structure of props or one single building with the doors owned. You may not connect two buildings together in order to make a single “base”.
Propblocking your base is not allowed, for you need at least one entrance accessible by fading doors.
Maze bases are NOT allowed.
Crouch bases are NOT allowed.
Head-glitch bases are NOT allowed.
All keypads must be visibly clear and not hidden away from the door, it cannot be materialized or colored.
You CANNOT double stack fading doors, all bases must be lockpickable and keypad crackable.
Bases that include excessive consecutive turns are not allowed. (Example below basing rules)
You may not add excessive blinking props/items to your base.
Fountain is OFF LIMITS for building is considered a common area
Builder rank is allowed to build anything, anywhere, as long as it is not breaking rules. This includes cars!

Prop Limit (Total = 150)

User - 50

VIP -  50

VIP Gold - 65

VIP Diamond - 95

VIP Emerald - 150


Section 2a, Megabase Rules:

A Megabase is when a group of users block an area of the map off in order to use it’s bases/area as one shared base. They follow most rules of regular bases (e.g. Fading door times, blackout base rules, propblocking, etc
A megabase can have up to six fading doors for the gates and every base may have up to three.
For a group to start a megabase, they must have AT LEAST SIX PLAYERS in their party (use !party to access the menu)
At least one player in the party must own ALL DOORS in the megabase, even unused bases.
If a user is in the area a party wishes to block off, the party must either get them to join or get ownership of the base.
(COMMUNITY BUILDING AREA) Only bases that have money making entities can be raided in a C.B.A. Bases with entities must put a sign outside stating so, such as “RP Base”; this sign can only be used inside the C.B.A.

Section 3, Police/Mayor Rules
The mayor may not make any laws that invalidate the rules.
Police may defend the bank. They cannot make the initial lobby AOS, but can make anything past the initial lobby AOS. All base rules apply, but users who enter past the lobby are NOT KOS, they must be arrested unless an officer is attacked or it is a bank raid.
The mayor may not make laws that make the following illegal/AOS/KOS:
Movement, traversal of map, movement sweps illegal
Laws restricting users to one form of movement or traversal of the map
Simple mention of things illegal
Harmless SWEPS illegal
Two things illegal in one law, only one law per line is allowed
Groups of people illegal
Laws about random weapon checks
Laws that encourage rampant arrests
Laws allowing random warranting
Laws invalidating the Corrupt
Laws limiting the height of Hobo buildings
The mayor is not allowed to make any form of KOS laws or make any job/user above the law.
They may make past the second door in PD AOS (Shown in picture)

They may make past the third door in PD KOS (Shown in picture on left side)

The mayor can make building in streets illegal for non-hobos.
If no laws have been made, the only thing police may enforce is default laws.
Police may not warrant a person just by their job, they must see an illegal activity before arresting/warranting.
The mayor may build in the PD as long as it follows the Base rules.
The mayor may have drug entities unless they make them illegal.
The mayor may also build a base outside of the PD as long as three other PD members are with them.
FOR CORRUPT POLICE OFFICER: If a Corrupt is not on, they may only violate the money printer law. They may base in the PD if it is not in the way of other police/the mayor/Corrupt.
The Corrupt must follow the same law rules as if they were mayor with minor exceptions stated in Section 3a.

Section 3a, Corrupt Rules

By default, any rule the mayor has (UNLESS EXPLICITLY STATED IN THIS SECTION) has to be followed by the corrupt.
The Corrupt is a special kind of PD Official that works with the mayor. They may not invalidate or delete a mayor’s laws, as the mayor cannot invalidate/delete theirs. The two jobs are equals, but the Corrupt is just here to spice things up a bit.
The Corrupt can make Non-Civil Protection players as “Officials of the Government”. This does not make them above the law, only able to enter the PD without arrest and to carry out the Mayor and Corrupt’s laws.
These Non-Civil Protection Officials may not defend the PD against revolts unless they are in a party with the corrupt.
The Corrupt can send Corrupt Police Officers to make checkpoints for weapon checks, money, or both. Only CPOs can do this and they can only do it if a Corrupt is on. Checkpoints can only be made in tunnels and the tunnel must NOT connect to Spawn.
The only law The Corrupt may invalidate is the Money Printer law.

Section 3b, Jailhouse Rules

The Jailhouse is defined as the jail cells you are taken to in the PD once arrested.
The mayor and Corrupt can agree on a bail amount and set that as the amount of money needed to be unarrested early. The maximum is $15k.
Any Government Official/Police Officer may not KOS prisoners for any reason. If they escape, re-arrest them. Killing a prisoner will be considered RDM.
PD Officials may build inside the jailhouse to prevent escapes.
If a prisoner escapes successfully, they may be warranted.
Section 4, Job Rules

NOTE: The part of each ruleset with “Mug | Raid | Base | Counter | Steal | Kidnap | Carjack | Megabase” are the adverts your job may perform. If the text on the advert is green, you may perform this action as long as you follow the advert rules in Section 5. If it is red, you may not perform this action at all. If it is orange, you may be able to perform this action on specific jobs only, so read the special rules.


Mug | Raid | Base | Counter | Steal | Kidnap | Carjack | Megabase

Special Rules for Citizens:

Hotel Manager may sell rooms inside of the Hotel by fountain.
Donald Trump may make walls at any tunnel OTHER THAN THOSE LEADING DIRECTLY INTO SPAWN. The maximum he may charge for one time access is $1,000. Lifetime access or access to keypad/keycard is up to them.
Hireable Guards may charge money for base and shop defense, as long as they either join their boss’ party or change their job name to “[Player’s] Guard”. If hired by a base they do NOT need to be added to any doors in order to defend. They may not assist in being a raider. If hired by an organization, they need to at least put the organization’s name before their own.
The pet may not have any weapons other than what they spawn with.
Hobos and Snoop Dogg may micspam and build on the road. Their buildings must not block the path, even if they have fading doors. Their builds also cannot cause another user’s screen to shake or cause performance issues.
Billionaire Boy may Raid and Kidnap, but other than that must follow other citizen rules.
Fight Club Owner may charge a maximum of $1000 per person entry fee to spectate a fight taking place inside of a building. You are not allowed to organise a street fight. It must happen inside a building. The only people permitted to fight are ‘Fight Club Thug’.

VIP+ Jobs in this Ruleset:

Snoop Dogg (VIP | Snoop may Mug)

Civil Protection

Mug | Raid | Base | Counter | Steal | Kidnap | Carjack | Megabase

Special Rules for Civil Protection:

Police may raid, but only if they have a warrant for a valid reason.
SWAT may make a “SWAT HQ” as a base, however regular Civil Protection may not base.
(The Corrupt) can only make players officials of the government.
VIP+ Jobs in this Ruleset:

Juggernaut (VIP)
Robo Cop (VIP Diamond)
The Corrupt (VIP Diamond | See Section 3a for special rules)


Mug | Raid | Base | Counter | Steal | Kidnap | Carjack | Megabase

Special Rules for Gangsters:

You may KOS the other gang members as you please.
If you base, the OG is the only one allowed to form a base, and all other gangsters of your gang must be added to the door. As an OG, you may raid the other OG’s base and ONLY THE OTHER OG’S BASE without an advert as long as you have at least three other gangsters of your gang with you. After every raid on another gang, you must still wait 15 minutes before raiding any other base as per raiding rules. After an advertless raid, the OG must wait 15 minutes before raiding with an advert (all gang members must advert “assist” if you raid the other gang as an adverted raid) or  30 before raiding without an advert on the other gang’s base. NLR still applies, and you may not raid if you were not originally part of the raiding party.
Gang OGs and members may raid other bases alone, but they must advert, even if an OG is raiding with three of their members.
Thugs may raid with 1 or 2 other thugs but are required to advert when doing so with cooldowns going into play. One person adverts raid the others must advert assist.
You MUST be using the respected gang model for your job when playing as either Brotherhood or Grove.



Mug | Raid | Base | Counter | Steal | Kidnap | Carjack | Megabase

Special Rules for Criminals:

Any job with a bludgeon may kidnap another user, as long as they first advert “Kidnap”. The cooldown for this is 5 minutes between kidnappings. They MAY NOT kidnap anyone who is building a base with a building sign. They can charge at most $10,000 to let a player go. You may only hold a player for 10 minutes.
Hitmen may not raid, base, mug, or kidnap. They also are not allowed to complete a hit on a staff member or user while either is in a sit. Doing so will be a ban for 1 day for RDM in a sit.
You do not have to advert. “Hit accept” or “Hit complete/failed” as a hitman type job, but you may if you wish.
Bin Laden job can advertise “Terror” once every 30 minutes, and has a one minute period (or until death) to get as many kills as possible.

VIP+ Jobs in this Ruleset:


Heist Master
Master Thief
Slave Master

VIP Gold:

Adv. Amphetamine Cook
Arbiter (May KOS Master Chief ONLY)
Dom the Killer
Ghost Rider
Master Chief (May KOS Arbiter ONLY)
The Terminator
Tron Thief
Zombie Slayer

VIP Diamond:

Boy Genius
Daft Punk
Digital Prophet
Master of Disaster
Raven Monster

VIP Emerald:

Elite Raider
Slayer of the Undead
Vault Hunter
Bin Laden

Heroes and Villains:

Mug | Raid | Base | Counter | Steal | Kidnap | Carjack | Megabase

Special rules for Heroes and Villains:

All classes under this ruleset may only use the weapons they spawn with (Includes permanent weapons from donation store or Perma Weapon NPC). Satan, Jesus, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker are restricted to their class weapons ONLY. Failure to follow this will result in a warn for FailRP. Further action will be a kick, then a ban for one (1) day.


Gun Dealers:

Mug | Raid | Base | Counter | Steal | Kidnap | Carjack | Megabase

Special rules for Gun Dealers:

Your base must be your shop. This shop alone cannot be raided if you have no entities inside, however if you have them your shop is open to be raided.
Self supply is allowed as long as it’s only for defending your own shop.

Custom Jobs:

Mug | Raid | Base | Counter | Steal | Kidnap | Carjack | Megabase

Do not lie to staff about the advert permissions of your custom job. This can be a bannable offense.




Section 5, Adverts and Advert Rules

An advert is a way a user announces their action to the server, such as a raid, kidnap, or stealing something. These adverts serve as a way to log actions and assist in punishing rulebreakers.

Over and False: Over and false are two separate adverts and cannot be put into the same advert. Over means you are ending the current advert action and the cooldown begins, and false is for when you accidentally advert via a missed key press. If you abuse false to do an advert constantly, you will be punished.
Raid: A raid is when a user enters the base of another user by force with intent to kill the owner and either blow up their stuff or take it for themselves. A raid may only be done by job who can raid (See Section 4). When raiding, the raider may not build or exploit into the victim’s base, they may only use the weapons they have access to in their scroll wheel and inventory. The victim may also not build. Once you eliminate all occupants inside the base, you have 5 minutes to complete your raid. Players standing outside the base or are in a radius are not KOS unless actively taking part in the raid. After a raid, you must advert “Over” to signify you are ending the raid. The universal cooldown for a raid is 10 minutes, meaning you cannot raid any other base for 10 minutes after you call “Over”, you must wait 15 minutes if raiding the same base.
PD Raid: This advert is used to initiate a raid on the PD building in Downtown. You can advert PD Raid once every 30 minutes. PD Raid cannot be used to free people from the jailhouse, only to raid The Mayor’s vault.
Mug: A mug is used to extract money from another player. To mug, you must advert “Mug, drop [Amount up to $10k] in 10 seconds [or more] or die”.  As this example shows, your maximum amount to mug for is $10,000, and the minimum time to allow them before you can KOS them is 10 seconds. They must be made aware that you are mugging them via voice chat or by being close to them. If the user attempts to kill you and does damage first before 10 seconds, you may then open fire, just know they may kill you first or someone may counter. Mug cooldown is 10 minutes, and after the mug, you must call “Over”.
Counter: Countering is trying to stop another player who is adverting another action, such as a raid, a mug, or a kidnapping. It’s a simple advert, requiring you only call counter for a valid reason. You may also counter a revolt, as long as you only kill those who are revolting. You do not need to call this advert if you are in a few situations like;
A party member being attacked/kidnapped
Basing with someone and someone is trying to raid
You are playing a job from the Heroes and Villains category that does not need to advert.
You are a job from the Civil Protection category.
Kidnap: When a player has a bludgeon, they may advert “Kidnap” to steal away another user. Anyone is fair game aside from people in a sit and players building their base. The cooldown for this is 5 minutes between kidnappings. They can charge at most $10,000 to let a player go. Some models do not drop ragdolls, and you may not re-kidnap someone if their model does not drop a ragdoll to pick up.
Satan is Here: You can advert “Satan is Here” and kill ONE person every 10 minutes. This advert is reserved specifically for the “Satan” job, or Custom Jobs with ‘Satan Permissions’. - See CC Job Description
Revolt: You may use this advert to kill the Mayor or The Corrupt, a valid reason to use this advert would be if the mayor is creating oppressive laws. You may revolt once every 15 minutes.You may not revolt no “no laws” or any other similar reason. You MUST make your reasoning specific in the advert, you cannot revolt for a reason such as “no laws” or “shitty laws” this will be punished as FailRP.  Revolters may lockpick inside the PD to reach the Mayor, however they may only kill Civil Protection & players countering. You must be outside the PD when calling revolt. On a side note, during a revolt, all police are KOS anywhere to the revolters, and the police may attempt to arrest/kill the revolters. In the PD, anyone no matter their affiliation to the PD is KOS to the revolters.
Steal: When you advert “steal”, you may take an item from someone in public and do your best to get away with it. Adverting steal is NOT a substitute for calling raid on a base and the cooldown between every steal is 2 minutes. 
Warn: The warn advert is useful for if you are being followed by a minge. To properly use this advert, you must advert “Warn” three times, three seconds apart (e.g. “/advert Warn 1/2/3”). After the third warn, you may kill the player you are warning. The cooldown for warns is 1 minute. The punishment for abusing warns is a 1 day ban (NITRP).


Section 6, Staff Sit Rules

Be specific when calling sits, not just “Admin to me!” or “RDM”. If you put detail into your report it is more likely to be noticed and taken by a staff member.

Spamming admin chat chat with useless sits, or asking non-game related questions will result in a 5 minute mute, and if done after that a 1 day ban.

If you leave your own sit, FOR ANY REASON, the case will be closed and the player in question will not be punished. 

The accuser has to provide evidence that the other person broke the rules, not the defendant.

If the accuser wants defendant punished (and he/she broke the rule) staff reserve the right to reduce their jail time by up to 240 seconds (down to 60 seconds).

If the accuser calls a sit and didn’t want the person punished, the defendant will ALWAYS receive a warning, this is to keep up with players who actively break rules.

If the accuser does not want the defendant punish the staff member is still allowed to punish him as he/she sees fit.

Under no circumstances should a bribe of any kind be accepted during a sit. 

Interrupting another sit is punishable by a verbal warning, followed by a kick if continued.

When you are warned by a staff member, you did something wrong. You will typically be jailed alongside a warn unless the person who made the report asks for just the warn. 

A single warn will stay active for up to 45 minutes.

If you get three (3) consecutive warns in a three hour period, the server automatically will kick you.

Improperly using the in-game report / ticket system to spam or waste time will result in a 1 day ban for NITRP.

If you get five (5) consecutive warns in a three hour period, the server will automatically ban you for several hours.

The system logs your warns, so staff members are able to better judge a situation and deal appropriate punishment for constant rule breaking.

If you get too many warnings overall you will be dealt a different set of punishments.

If you get 20 total warns you will be banned for one (1) day.

If you get 45 total warns you will be banned for three (3) day.

If you get 60 total warns you will be banned for one (1) week.

If you get 75 total warns you will be banned for one (1) month.

If you somehow get 100 total warns you will PERMANENTLY banned.


Section 7, Miscellaneous and Unspecified Rules


Wardrobe is an addon that allows you to become any playermodel on the workshop, and is acquired via “”. With this freedom come some rules:

The model must be 100% visible.
The model must have a decent hitbox or have hitboxing that matches a typical player.
Admins are able to force you to change your player model when they see fit, and in extreme cases removal of your permissions.


(This is an example of a typical model. A humanoid character)

A model must not be any smaller than the potted area of the trees in the park area;
Models must also not exceed the height of the top of the tunnels;

Media Player

You may play anything you want WHILE IN YOUR BASE.

In public, you may not play anything inappropriate (ear rape, NSFW, etc.)

Please exercise common sense when using Media Players in public (What would you NOT what people to see?, What would be too inappropriate for kids?, What would be breaking the rules?, etc.).

Note: As of the current build of G-Mod the only way to use the media player is by changing your version of Gmod to the beta version (Chromium), afterward the media player should work.

Tactical Insertions

You may place a tactical insertion to respawn somewhere other than spawn, you must stick to these rules:

You can use a tac insert during a raid ONCE regardless whether you are attacking or defending. 
You are NOT allowed to place a tactical insertion in someone else's base or a place inaccessible by any player.
If you die during a raid and respawn using a tac in the same area, you must either move away or kill yourself until the raid is over. Otherwise you can be liable to punishment for breaking New Life Rule.

Expression 2 Rules

Expression 2 (Commonly called “E2”) is an addon that allows user to code creations for their amusement and to add a fun dynamic to the server. These could be slot machines, cars, and even color changers. However, E2 is a dangerous tool and has a few rules to keep users in check;

Do not use E2 to exploit into bases
Do not use E2 to scam players. Making a slot machine or unbox device for money is fine, as long as it does not scam players and has fair chances.
Do not use E2 to crash the server or bring it to a laggy state. You will be permanently banned without any discussion.
Do not use E2 to annoy users. This will be considered minging.
Do not use E2 to teleport or noclip in any way.
Do not use E2 to gain an advantage over other players
Do not excessively place/use the same E2
You may not use E2 to change your appearance (You may use it to make yourself colorful, just not invisible. All changes with E2 must make you remain 100% visible. Some transparency is fine due to the hologram E2/death glitch, but the model must still be clearly visible and give no advantages)

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