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Edited: 2 weeks ago / May 15, 2020



Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Forums!

Things are REALLY barebones right now as you can tell. Over the course of this week, you will notice several visual changes to the forums as well as several backend changes such as server ranks, etc. Just bare with us and I promise this website will come together. I literally just installed these 30 mins before this post and at 4:30 AM... so I am tired. 

Below are some changes you will see live today!


  • Readded meth back to the server
  • Added Business Script
    • Create your own company, hire employees, upgrade your business, level up, and earn some cash!
  • Added Boomboxes
    • Uses real world radio stations, are mountable to your shoulder, have cool LED lights, and sound amazing.
  • Added new Mayor system
    • Completely overhauls the original mayor system. Mayor now has access to set taxes, bonuses  for police, purchase abilities for police(such as bulletproof vests), as well as all of the original Mayor abilties and more. This really adds a TON of immersion for the mayor. 
    • Adds a New custom City board for displaying laws
    • Adds new wanted screen
    • Adds in City Hall safe that can be raided
  • Added Immersive police system
    • Adds in tablet swep which will serve as central hub for Police officers. Every cop will now spawn with their own Police Tablet. Tablet functions are as following:
      • View Criminal Records of players connected to the server.
      • Issue warants/a wanted request to a player
      • View complaints written against the Police Department
      • View/talk in private police chat
      • Dispatch Police chiefs can create dispatch groups for police officers. All police officers with a GPS tracker turned on will appear on the map. Requests for assistance received will also appear on the map, police chiefs can assign a dispatch group to the mission. Finally, the Chief of Police will be able to fire ineffective officers.
  • Phones 
    • Will be updated to support a GPS system that shows NPC locations, buildings, etc this week.
    • Calls to other players
    • Contacts
    • Text
    • Sleep mode for when you do not want to be disturbed
    • Camera
    • Call police
  • Emergency Services Used to do the following:
    • Dial 911/Emergency Response
    • Gives police channels that cops can use to communicate with voice
    • Panic button that cops can use to let your fellow cops know that you are in trouble (toggled with key P)
    • GPS system used to locate players that make phone calls for help
    • Call for backup (toggled with key E)
    • Adds Police Walkie Talkie Swep
    • Adds Police GPS Swep
  • New Bitminers
    • Overall more polished system that I think you guys will love (they even have RGB lights)
  • Talk Modes
    • allows players to manage the distance of their voice chat using three unique modes: whisper, talk and yell.
  • Removed LSD
  • Removed Beekeeping


Overall, we tried to focus this update on RP. I believe you guys will really enjoy the new changes as they add a sense of immersion and overall fun to the game. 

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